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Wide Groupe

A wide open mind

Audiovisual production group

Who are we?

We are driven by the will of making people dream, giving meaning, providing people with a different perspective about the world and having a positive impact on society.

Those are the core values we defend and which are guiding our decisions to produce almost a hundred hours of programs a year.

Our partners and broadcasters

The group has a modern, high-performance shooting studio, as well as editing, mixing, dubbing and color-grading facilities.

The deployment of our post-production resources enables us to work together in an environment-friendly way on the Group’s various productions.

Our companies

All together we count 8 companies and 38 employees in our offices in Paris, Lyon, Biarritz and Ajaccio. We also rely on a network of fifty regular intermittent employees (writer-directors, technicians).

Wide Group companies are members of the ECOPROD association, SPI, APPA and AST.

Corsica is our home. But we’re often on the road ! Since 2004, we’ve been traveling the world to share our adventures. Stories of passion, lifestyle and culture of men and women who invite us into their houses.

Wide Productions specializes in magazine and documentary production. Our team of producers initiates, hosts and supports documentary projects of all kinds, for all audiences. With complementary sensibilities and the same demand for quality, our producers cover a wide spectrum of themes, empowered by creative and audacious forms of writing.

Mona Lisa Production is internationally known and recognized for producing documentary films about wildlife, man’s role in nature and his responsibility towards it. Dreaming, showing, understanding, bringing another perspective: those are the objectives which are driving our films in the field of Sciences, History, Discovery, Art or Society.

Being aware of today’s social, economic and environmental challenges, as well as the importance of media in the evolution of our behaviors and attitudes; we have chosen to orient our editorial line towards the production of documentary films that offer another outlook on the world. We produce films exploring what makes us grow and makes us better: the beauty of the world and human ingenuity. Without falling victim to any naïve optimism, our approach is definitely positive and constructive, sensitive and poetic, bringing meaning and solutions for a more untroubled future.